iflix a New Ncell Powered Online TV App – First 3 Months Free!!

What is iflix?
iflix is the internet TV service which enables its users to watch popular HD movies and TV shows on their smartphone on the go. iflix has huge online library of popular movies and TV shows from Hollywood and Bollywood and other regions from which users can choose to watch. iflix stream top quality TV shows, movies and more over the Internet and you can watch them on your phone, laptop, tablet or TV anytime, anywhere! Videos from iflix can be chrome casted to bigger TV screen and can be downloaded in app to watch it later offline. In short, it is an awesome way to watch your favourite movies and shows right on your smartphone on the go.

 How do I get iflix on my device?

You can easily get iflix on your device by following simple steps below:
1. Connect to your Ncell network
2. Download iflix from App Store/ Play Store and open the app or go to iflix.com
3. Sign up and click on “ACCESS NOW”. You’re in!
What is iflix offer from Ncell?
You will get free night video streaming from 12 AM to 5 AM for first three months as promotional offer. Also 4G users get additional 2 hours of video streaming during daytime which can be used from 5 AM to 5 PM.
Do we have any video pack available for the iflix?
Yes, you can buy 1 hour video pack by dialing *17137# for Rs. 50 (incl. of taxes) to stream movies and much more on iflix.
What are the benefits of subscribing to iflix?
You can stream or download thousands of hours of TV shows, movies and more!
Do I have to pay to use iflix?
Being Ncell customer, you will get UNLIMITED ACCESS for 3 months. Streaming videos on iflix at other times would be charged as per your current data plan.
Will I get this offer?
Yes, all Ncell customer will get this offer as promotional offer of iflix.
Can I watch iflix content when I am offline?
The ‘download and watch offline’ feature allows you to do this. Simply download the video to your mobile device and then watch later, even without internet!
How do I check when my subscription expires?
Please check the details under “Account” and then “Subscription” in the main menu.
How many devices can I connect in my iflix account? And how do I manage the devices?
You can connect up to 5 devices in your iflix account. You can manage your list of devices under MENU > ACCOUNT > DEVICES.

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