Hurry up!! Embossed Number Plate Online Form Accepted from Today!

Kathmandu, Today on-line form of vehicles’s embedded number plate connection has been opened. Imprint number was used DOTM including 13 government vehicles, using zonal data which was dismissed from the constitution in the embedded numberplate, which was taken from last September. After the continuation of the traffic businessmen and the public’s constituency, the state’s number in the embedded numberplate mentioned in the zonal is brought back in operation.
After applying a number of materials including other state-owned frames to create a number plate, the online application for the state-run numbers is open from Monday.

Similarly, Nepalese numbers, letters written in the embedded numberplate, were noticed by the then MPs in the meeting. Similarly, Director General of the Department Rupa Narayana Bhattarai said that the number of Nepali numerals, the letter of the letter, was written in theĀ  number written in English. The government has been preparing to connect voluntarily to the number of government vehicles in mandatory and private volunteer numbers. In the first phase, three ports and four ports will be able to fill applications for embedded plate only by small and big riders riches. For this template, three wheeled small vehicles will be charged Rs. 2900.00 .

The same car, jeep, delivery van and tractor and four traffic vehicles have been set up for Rs.22,000 for the imposed numberplate connection. The application can be filed by filling the full details of your vehicle with the fee-charged receipt number on the web site of the DOTM After completion of successful implementation in Kathmandu, the government has been preparing for the mandatory mandate throughout the next 5 years.

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