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With the results of the last presidential election in Merika, public debate was a major debate on Facebook and including the benefits of various social media sites. Because of Bigger, “Facebook News” turned into a Facebook account on Facebook. Most of the newcomers will become more shares and become viral. When there was a lot of shares, the “Fake News” was really said. There is no research, many share news from multiple pages, shares with others, others do, false and fictional news shows.

Even in the last elections in Nepal, mangoes and fictional stories of propaganda style became varicous. Fruit and Chilli Parties, People Pulled Online News Portal, It was a frustrating way to see Facebook’s newfeed. The most amazing thing, people were found to be sharing Facebook on Facebook, sharing the news. Additionally, there are groups of fictional news news stories about the large publications of Nepal with the exact names. For example, Kantipur has got to share with Fake News, raising the problem that has not been said so much. Khas name is any other website linked to Kantipur. There are still those news merchants. Like facebook, trending of YouTube Nepal is also being hunting.

Facebook has been doing a lot of efforts for the past one and a half years to control things like this talk news, clickbit type. The Facebook app has also included the application to report the Fake News, but did not succeed as thought. Just wait until you see, Share Marco’s Posts also Facebook has started controlling from the previous month. Facebook has brought new newborn updates from the last week, adding that the friends of friends, affiliate friends, have brought new nuized updates from the last week, which is not just a focus but almost all types of Facebook pages have made it difficult. In the last 2-3 days, I have not seen the posts on Facebook page in my feed. Of course, no page updates are currently visible on my newfeed. Only friends who have shared some friends with Facebook have only seen.

Facebook’s objective is to draw close to friends and friends, and it is always determined, but Facebook has announced new nuFeeds last week, saying Facebook posts from Facebook and Facebook posts have been distorted by recent posts. In recent years, video and public posts were increasingly increased because of this problem and various researchers postponed the posts of friends from friends to the user, the post of Facebook’s CEO Mark Jakarta, CEO of Facebook.

Even if users are glad to know that, the bizus pages are harder than ever. By making pages on Facebook with the rise of social media marketing, millions are doing business based on it. The social media team has been created in the institutions for running the Facebook page, has been invested, but not the return. Until last week, some updates on the page were still visible, but there is no page on Facebook yet. The Social Media Myths blog written a few months ago, will now be read as if it is outdated. Every update that will be posted on the Facebook page is no longer visible to Facebook.

One time at a Facebook page, keeping photos while watching a lot, one time link, one time video, and later, many more video views. Now all this is a matter of time. Now the friend’s post is going to be a lot of ingredients, Facebook will show you updates from fellowfriend relatives with different types of posts, what kind of posts you like. The utility of Facebook page is almost over there. Media companies have been the biggest push for their business business, media companies based on the basis of the basis. Facebook updates have shown rich, referral traffic, etc., while updating the updates of the fascinating Facebook page, because updates of friends relatives especially in the newfeeds are getting more space.

What to do?
Most people see the updates on page updates but updates from relatives friends, many people are now likely to share more than their personalized posts. Due to the fact that my profile has changed my profile page to pages on my own, now due to non-deletion in the newfeed, the list of changes to the profile will also be prevented. Instead of page by name of business, business, the number of Facebook profiles may be increasingly significant.

By keeping Facebook at the center, business-holders should now pay for Facebook to pay every post or think about its options. I think, any online business, it is very important to have a mobile website to do business. Search engines and user friendly mobile websites are required today.

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