Facebook Lite Introduces Video Calling !!

From Facebook Lite, the user can now make a video call. Messenger Light is a small parcel of Facebook Messenger. The main features are similar to the light-mounted space than the Light Full Version Messenger app. Messenger was fired on the loop furnace targeting the non-speeded Internet connection location.

There was no facility for video call to get audio calls including chat, photo and link sharing from the Messenger Light. Now the video call has been made from a location that has a low Internet connection, from Messenger Lite.

Like full-screen Messenger, now it’s a video call icon. If someone is chatting with it, this icon will appear above the right side in the chat room. From this the user can start a video call. While playing audio, this icon will appear in the middle of the screen. The audio call can also be converted directly into the video call.

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