Huawei shifts its Cloud, Themes, ScreenMagazine, and AppAdvisor to Aspiegel Limited

Due to organizational changes within the Huawei group, several of your Huawei mobile services (including Cloud, Themes, ScreenMagazine, and AppAdvisor) will be transferred on 30 April 2019 from Huawei Device Co., Ltd to Aspiegel Limited, a subsidiary 100% owned by Huawei, incorporated and based in Ireland.

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PubG banned in Nepal

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority on Thursday ordered all Internet service providers and mobile service providers to ban the PlayerUnknown Battlefield, commonly known as PUBG, a popular multiplayer Internet game.

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Android Pie | Android P (9.0) Officially Released

The latest Android release is out!   And it comes with a lot of built-in artificial intelligence to make your phone smarter, simpler and more adapted to you.   Today Google officially introduce Android 9 Pie.

CloudFlare Server Now in Nepal

We said that we would head to the mountains for Cloudflare’s 123rd data center, and mountains feature prominently as we talk about Kathmandu, Nepal, home of our newest deployment and our 42nd data center in Asia!”

Facts and Tips about Affiliate Program [Nepal]


Affiliate marketing can be the great option to earn money online. If you have followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc., then you can earn incredible money with affiliate programs. There are so many affiliate programs and you can earn money with them.

BitCoin is Illegal in Nepal according to Central Bank of Nepal

“Bitcoin is illegal in Nepal.”
       – Kedar Prasad Acharya, Deputy Director of Nepal Rastra Bank.

Subisu Wireless Internet Monitor


Problem with Subisu Wireless Internet??

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How to disable Ads on Free Webhosting Services [solved]

Many web hosting platform claim Ad free hosting but they display a popup ads on the clients website annoying the visitors. So there is a solution for it

JUST Place the following code at end of each page

<?php die(); ?>


Replace </body> with </b-ody> or </b0dy>

HOPE this helps you 🙂