Let’s Encrypt Free WildCard SSL is Active Now!!

Let’s Encrypt announced yesterday that its ACMEv2 API is now active and with it comes the possibility for users to obtain free wildcard certificates. This has been a long-awaited feature since the wild-card domain certificates are much more expensive than the regular single-host certificates and also makes managing SSL certificates for a domain much easier.

Ncell SEE SIM card | PahiloSIM


Ncell Pvt. Ltd has introduced a special offer ‘Pahilo SIM’ to this year’s SEE (Secondary Education Exam) appeared students. Under this scheme, students can subscribe Ncell prepaid SIM card at just Re. 1 loaded with exciting offers of iflix video streaming and My5 service on first recharge. That is not all; they can also enjoy exclusively designed more affordable data packs and bonuses on every top up.

Facebook Lite Introduces Video Calling !!

From Facebook Lite, the user can now make a video call. Messenger Light is a small parcel of Facebook Messenger. The main features are similar to the light-mounted space than the Light Full Version Messenger app. Messenger was fired on the loop furnace targeting the non-speeded Internet connection location.

Facebook NewFeed Updates!!

With the results of the last presidential election in Merika, public debate was a major debate on Facebook and including the benefits of various social media sites. Because of Bigger, “Facebook News” turned into a Facebook account on Facebook. Most of the newcomers will become more shares and become viral. When there was a lot of shares, the “Fake News” was really said. There is no research, many share news from multiple pages, shares with others, others do, false and fictional news shows.

Facts and Tips about Affiliate Program [Nepal]


Affiliate marketing can be the great option to earn money online. If you have followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc., then you can earn incredible money with affiliate programs. There are so many affiliate programs and you can earn money with them.

Hurry up!! Embossed Number Plate Online Form Accepted from Today!

iflix a New Ncell Powered Online TV App – First 3 Months Free!!

What is iflix?
iflix is the internet TV service which enables its users to watch popular HD movies and TV shows on their smartphone on the go. iflix has huge online library of popular movies and TV shows from Hollywood and Bollywood and other regions from which users can choose to watch. iflix stream top quality TV shows, movies and more over the Internet and you can watch them on your phone, laptop, tablet or TV anytime, anywhere! Videos from iflix can be chrome casted to bigger TV screen and can be downloaded in app to watch it later offline. In short, it is an awesome way to watch your favourite movies and shows right on your smartphone on the go.

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Nepal Telecom makes browsing 600 Government Websites for Free

You can surf the following Nepal Government websites Free of Charge from Nepal Telecom GSM Mobile service. Below are more than 600 Govt. websites which can be browsed free using GSM mobile data.

This service is available on Mobile Handset’s web browser only (Installed by default)

BitCoin is Illegal in Nepal according to Central Bank of Nepal

“Bitcoin is illegal in Nepal.”
       – Kedar Prasad Acharya, Deputy Director of Nepal Rastra Bank.

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